First-of-a-Kind SaaS Platform Enables Businesses to Effortlessly Create New Revenue Channels

GetReve enables SMEs to offer a suite of white-labelled online products to their existing client bases, or to set up those products as standalone businesses

Platform is proving highly popular in challenging pandemic climate as UK firms seek to diversify their offerings and hedge against risk

GetReve customers pay a small licence fee and can charge their own clients recurring monthly subscriptions that they set, providing financial peace of mind

GetReve, a first-of-a-kind SaaS (software as a service) platform that enables businesses to effortlessly create new online revenue channels and benefit from monthly recurring subscriptions, officially launched in the UK today.

GetReve (short for ‘Get Revenue’) enables existing businesses to white label and rapidly monetise a dozen core online products, ranging from booking, billing and sales tools to video calling, client management and ecommerce platforms.

Equally, entrepreneurs or perhaps someone with an existing job but looking for a side hustle, can use GetReve to rapidly create new online businesses in a matter of days. All online businesses created through GetReve work effortlessly across mobile.

One client of GetReve is Greater Manchester-based Stalybridge Web Design, whose founder, Michael Shaw, has chosen the GetReve booking platform. To date, Michael has recommended third party booking systems to his clients but now he can offer them his own booking system – branded as ‘Klaratee’ – and charge them a monthly subscription.

Equally, Michael is using Klaratee not just as an add-on service to his web design agency but as a business in its own right, as there are significantly fewer booking platforms than web design agencies. This has instantly broadened his earnings base and he is looking to add further GetReve platforms in the future. Additionally, he is also able to promote his web design agency to clients of his booking system.

Though it only launched in 2020, more than 15,000 end-clients are already using GetReve’s suite of tools to run their businesses. They range from hairdressers, beauty therapists and mechanics to plumbers, electricians and restaurants.

GetReve clients pay a small licence fee that is agreed on a case by case basis. They are also provided with full training and ongoing real-time support. All GetReve platforms are available in over 20 languages and can take payment in multiple currencies.

Michael Shaw, Founder, Stalybridge Web Design, commented:

“GetReve is great in that it allows me to go out as both a web designer and booking system provider. The web design world is incredibly competitive so not only do I now have a standalone booking business, Klaratee, that can drive revenues on its own, I can also use Klaratee to introduce clients to my design agency. It’s a win-win. In the current economic environment, I also like the fact that, whereas web design is generally project-based, the booking system provides ongoing revenues, which provides extra peace of mind. Getting set up with GetReve was really straightforward and I was live with my own fully branded booking platform in under two weeks. I’m already looking to some of the other GetReve platforms that will further complement my web design agency and Klaratee. The licence fee is really competitive and can be easily covered by the monthly subscriptions you are able to charge your own clients.”

Simon Piekarz, Founder, GetReve, added:

“Technically speaking, we’re the first ‘Software as a Service’ middleware provider to launch in the UK. In plain English, and to the average business owner, we’re a way for them to effortlessly white label online platforms and systems that are part and parcel of everyday business life, and then sell them to their clients — without the hassle of software development and maintenance. It’s a model that works in any market but in the current one more and more businesses are looking to diversify and add new revenue channels as a hedge against the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s proving especially popular with marketing and web design agencies, who are finding it doesn’t just generate an extra income but embeds them even more deeply in their clients’ businesses. With GetReve, they don’t just brand and market their clients’ businesses but power them, too.”

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