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Ordering system

Helps small busineses like restaurants, groceries, bakeries to take and process orders from clients

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E-shops generator

Helps small business owners to create an e-shop and start selling products online

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Content distirbution

Helps to sell and serve digital content like, files, video, ebooks, courses, mentorships, training, etc

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Online booking

Helps businesses to start an online booking service connected with online selling. Designed for doctors, barbers, workshops, fitness and more

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Encrypted storage

A dropbox like service that allows to save data in dedicated encrypted systems

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CRM platform

Helps people to save information about the clients, sales, appointments and more

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Email marketing

Helps people to build inteligent email campaigns based on their existing email accounts

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IVR platform

Build your infolinie. Select number from 30 countries and attach it to your mobile

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Offering system

Build your offering app or marketplace. Let people recommend and buy offered products

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And more platforms coming soon

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Billing platform

Helps to bill clients for anything, remind and execute payments

Virtual Bank

Build your virtual banking system. Create checking accounts, work with cards

Subscription system

Helps to build a recurring offer and charge people on monthly or weekly basis

Core values of all our solutions

We make sure that our software is useful for the end user.
We do everything to create a software with a confirmed market-fit

Any language

You can have your platform in any language you require. Our systems are designed to work as a global service

Any currency

Our platform have fully developed billing systems that you can configure and that can work with any currency

Any domain

Our platforms are designed to work under your domain. You decide on which domain you will operate

Any modification

We will modify our system if it's necessery by you to fit your best expectations

Any integration

We will integrate our system with any solution that is required to make your business up and running

Full maintaince

We fully maintain the software for our clients. You don't need to worry about the tech and focus on business

We can help you with your SaaS software

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