Offer Dropbox-like encrypted storage to your clients

With help of ene, your clients can store and share their files in cloud storage. They can do that with the extra protection layer that comes from data encryption. The system was designed to protect files with your unique encryption key

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Core values


Data saved in the workspace are encrypted with a user key. There are different levels of security that client can select


Your client can invite other people to the system like employees. Partners or even clients and let them store their files


The system protects files from being overwrite. The history of the files will stay in the system as long as your client wants.

Files history

Your clients can use an access control system to allow people to download only selected files. Build download history

Core features

Workspace builder

System allow to build different workspaces for different clients in purely SaaS model.

Drag & Drop

Your client can simply drag and drop the files on a web-browser screen into a folder of their choice.

MFA protection

Access to the system can be protected by a multi-factor authentication system

On your server

The system can work from any cloud-based infrastructure you require

Designed for business. Especially for







How it works for the end-client



If you need some information about system
functions and options you can find them here

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Provisioning API

if you want to check how you can integrate
the system with yours, check this out

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Fully maintained

You don't need to worry about maintaining your White Label instance.
We can do almost everything for you.


We will update your WL platform constantly with the latest bugfixes.


You will get all the constant upgrades. We're improving our platforms daily


You will have access to our WL support center by email, phone, chat.

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