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With an ordering page generator, you can build a website where people can order food from your restaurant. We support all types of orders:

  • Delivery
  • Takeaway
  • Orders at the table
  • Table reservations

We did everything to help you build an ordering system that fits your needs. You can define working hours, delivery zones, allergens, add-ons, variants, packaging costs, and much more

You can build a simple or advanced menu using our combo builder. You will be able to create an attractive offer to your clients. Orders come to your restaurant in four different ways:

  • To your website
  • To your inbox (email)
  • To our mobile apps (mobile POS)
  • To the kitchen printer (as a voucher)

System provides a range of options to help you build effective marketing campaigns like: simple newsletters, discount codes, deals, or even advanced affiliate programs for partners.

There are plenty of integration options that will allow you to connect payment gateways or delivery partners.

What you can build with it:

Ordering page

Build a website with your menu under our or your domain.

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Ordering widget

If you already have a website, add an ordering widget.

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Ordering POS

You can build a simple POS system using our mobile app.

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Delivery system

You can build a whole delivery experience for you and your clients.

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Designed for:


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Food trucks

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Available languages:

Works with following marketplaces:


Portal skierowany do właścicieli restauracji na którym konsumenci mogą znaleźć rozwiązanie problemu

Available trainings:

Available for:

Web browser



This software has a multiple ways of configuration

  • Website builder
  • Widget builder
  • Price configurator
  • Combo builder
  • Alergens, Ingredients
  • Quantities / Stock controls
  • Variantios and special marks
  • Manual orders
  • iOS mobile app
  • Android mobile app
  • Geolocation
  • Live delivery tracking
  • Delivery zones
  • Delivery checker
  • Takeaway control
  • Pickup locations
  • QR codes
  • Table orders
  • Working hours
  • Tips
  • Online payments
  • Wire payments
  • Cash payments
  • Card on delivery
  • POS orders
  • Printing vouchers
  • Discount codes
  • Deals planner
  • Loyalty points
  • Newsletter
  • Charity payments
  • Referral program
  • Customer feedback
  • Private shop
  • Privacy GDPR ready
  • more here