Email marketing

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This powerful tool lets you set up and start running an email marketing campaign. It is designed especially to:

  • Create newsletters
  • Send cold-emails
  • Configure email-bots
  • Automate the email sending process

It works straightforwardly. You add your email accounts (one or more), then emails you want to reach. Next, you develop a message you want to send. The system will send a message for you even if you enter 1,000 emails.

The biggest value of this emailing system is a conversation mode! With the help of conversation mode, you can design a pattern that communicates with your email recipients without your interaction.

The email system will receive the answer, analyze the pattern and sentiment, and reply. If the system detects the positive response, you will be informed

You can use it for a simple newsletter or email offers, or design a powerful AI email campaign.

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