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With a booking marketplace generator, you can build a website where people can offer their time to others. The generated marketplace will be available:

  • Under your domain
  • With your terms
  • Under your brand
  • With your payment gateways

The generated marketplace will allow users to search for time availability and book a time slot. The marketplace can work as:

  • Search engine showing who’s available within a selected time range
  • A catalog showing people and their calendars

Depending on your business need, you can set up the system to work as:

  • Public marketplace (anyone can join)
  • Private marketplace (you invite employees and only clients can register)

On top of generated marketplace website, users can use a mobile app to simplify a booking process if you work with a larger group of people. The mobile app allows users to:

  • manage their bookings
  • manage availability calendar
  • accept or deny booking request (upon configuration)

You can build your simple marketplace or a full copy of the service you commonly use for bookings on the market.

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