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With a client CRM, you can build an online database of your clients with all necessary information:

  • Address
  • Documents
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • People
  • Categories

A system keeps it in the form of a list like an excel spreadsheet. Expand your data collection with one of 15 available modules:

  • Sales
  • Calendar
  • Projects
  • To-do list
  • Assets
  • and more

Sharing your information with others, it’s something that will help you grow. That’s why you can share your database with other people, simply inviting them to your system.

Invited people will see what you want them to see:

  • They can see everything
  • They can see only assigned records
  • They can see only their records

This way, you can use the system for managing Sales, Accounting, or Support. CRM system is robust and will expand with your company.

What you can build with it:


The simple way to ensure you sell your services or products. Improve your sales with excellent client management, keep track of your progress, and share it with your co-workers.


Increase the number of appointments with your clients and improve their outcomes. Use reminders not to miss any and to help you keep track of progress and prior arrangements. Share the calendar with others.


Improve your account management by adding contracts, offers, files, tasks, and assets. Feel free to use the customer support system if your clients have any issues.


Manage projects, build GANTT charts, develop a schedule, add milestones, deadlines and track progress

Designed for:

Sales people
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