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With a rental marketplace generator, you can build a website where people can offer their properties (or other things) to others interested in renting them. The generated marketplace will be available:

  • Under your domain
  • Under your brand
  • With your terms
  • With your payment gateways

The generated marketplace will allow users to search for offers availability and book them just like Airbnb or

  • Build a simple map or catalog
  • Build a marketplace where you earn a fee on every transaction

Comprehensive configuration options will allow you to adjust the marketplace to your expertise needs:

  • Define your product description (fields)
  • Define your search criteria
  • Define access type (private or public or moderated)
  • Define your payment strategy (Free, Paid, or mixed)
  • Define your moderation options

The rental marketplace can work with different payment strategies like manual transactions finishing or full automation with payment partners.

Designed for:

Real estate rentals
Car sharing and rentals
Any type of attractions
Tickets and events
Short-term jobs
City ecosystem

Available languages:

Available trainings:

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