Membership Manager

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With a membership manager, you can offer membership products.

  • Build members area
  • Build membership selling pages
  • Build contracts with recurring payments

You can invite users to your membership panel or send them a link to a unique website where they can join.

Building membership is easy with the membership manager. You can provide a name, price, and length and generate a page that clients can use. If your business needs more control over a situation, you can use several valuable features:

  • Force to use a credit card to automate charging every month
  • Use advanced form instead of simple one to collect complete information about clients
  • Force people to approve the contract before they activate membership

Customize memberships! They can be infinite or limited in time.

The membership manager will take from your head monthly settlements. If the client does not have money to extend membership, the system will solve that problem with tryouts and reminders. If this fails, membership status will change to “suspended.” We provide an app to check if your membership is active quickly. So if you run a gym, this can be very useful for you.

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