Logistic marketplace

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With a logistic marketplace generator, you can build a website where people can offer logistic services to others. The generated marketplace will be available:

  • Under your domain
  • With your terms
  • Under your brand
  • With your payment gateways

The generated marketplace will allow users to search for drivers for a task

  • Drivers can join and define what type of transportation they offer
  • People can join and ask transportation tasks

The system comes with unique algorithms that help with finding best driver:

  • Manual assignment allows selecting driver for a task by an operator
  • Automatic assignment allows finding best driver based on specific, location, quality

The system works with two assignment modes:

  • In the first mode system build a list of possible drivers and send a request to all of them
  • In second mode system send the request to drivers one-by-one and wait for someone who accepts it

Drivers access the system with the help of a mobile app that helps track the location and show it on a live map.

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