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This tool will help you your delivery fleet. Invite your drivers to a system and let them install a mobile app. This will allow you to:

  • Track live location of every member of your fleet
  • See the current status
  • Send messages and communicate via an internal chat

On top of that you will be able to schedule and dispatch of the fleet members:

  • They will receive a task to their mobile phone
  • It can be an assignment or question if a delivery person can take the job
  • A user will receive detailed information about a path of delivery
  • He will be able to transfer information / pictures / documents through the system

You will be able to see what is the status of the task and record delivery history. The system gives you full control over the delivery process and lets you see how busy your fleet is.

You can create various types of tasks:

  • Simple delivery task like “Go to the location and deliver a package”
  • Router delivery task like “Go to point A and pick up the package, then go to point B to deliver it and go to C with a confirmation”
  • The quickest delivery time “Find the best matching driver who is available and nearest to a location”

No matter the size of your company, large or small, if scheduling and dispatching is integral part of your activity, our system will greatly help managing and automating this process.

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