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With a booking page generator, you can build a website where people can book a visit, appointment, or rent something from you. The system supports all types of bookings.

  • Booking for days
  • Booking for hours
  • Booking with time slots

We support various booking delivery methods:

  • A client comes to your place (in-house)
  • You go to clients (in client location)
  • Remote booking (with built-in video rooms)

A booking system will help you manage your availability without changing your habits. There are plenty of configuration options that will adjust to your business:

  • You can manage your full calendar
  • You can manage not only you but also your people
  • You can accept/deny bookings in a real-time
  • You can build a search engine that looks for an available slot

It’s a system just for you or your whole business. You can deal with online payments, customer feedback tracking, loyalty cards, and more with various integration. Besides the generated website, you can use helpful mobile apps that act as a point-of-service to add bookings that come to you outside your page.

What you can build with it:

Booking page

Generate a booking page where people book appointments

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Booking widget

Add booking widget to your existing webpage

Check demo

Video Bookings

Build a page where people can book a video consultation with you

Check demo

Booking POS

Manage your client bookings from the app

Check demo

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Available languages:

Available trainings:

Available for:

Web browser



This software has a multiple ways of configuration

  • Website builder
  • Widget builder
  • Price configurator
  • Combo builder
  • Quantities / Stock controls
  • Variantios and special marks
  • Manual bookings
  • iOS mobile app
  • Android mobile app
  • Geolocation
  • In-house bookings
  • In client locations bookings
  • Remote bookings
  • QR codes
  • Table orders
  • Working hours
  • Tips
  • Online payments
  • Wire payments
  • Cash payments
  • Card on delivery
  • POS orders
  • Printing vouchers
  • Discount codes
  • Deals planner
  • Loyalty points
  • Newsletter
  • Charity payments
  • Referral program
  • Customer feedback
  • Private shop
  • Privacy GDPR ready