Assets Manager

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This tool will help you keep track of your client's assets. Any type of assets.

For example, you can keep a record of all contracts of clients, flat and vehicle rentals, insurance, furniture, items, you name it.

You define the type of assets, and the tool will allow you to add three extra details:

  • Price
  • Expiration date
  • Comments

Setting up the contract's validity with an expiration date will help you easily track the deadlines. The system will notify you about this expiration before it happens…or the system can also inform your client automatically if you wish.

For example, if you sell insurance, you will know when it's expiring to follow up with your client and offer him a renewal.

You can also access the evidence tool. For example, you can build a detailed list of assets that belong to you or your clients'.

For instance, you own a few flats and rent them out to tenants. You use the system to keep the information about the items that belong to the flat, their condition and quantities, such as furniture, equipment, utensils, etc.

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Sales people

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