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Don't ask what you can do for your clients. Instead, ask what the clients can do for you!

Our affiliate and partnership loyalty program platform let you build a program that can bring in new clients:

  • Reward people for recommending your products or services
  • Reward people for bringing in clients
  • Reward people for any social media activities
  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Build trust in your company and its products

A simple wizard will help you configure your program and let you decide what currency you want to reward your users for completing which tasks. It can either be a regular currency or points. In addition, there is an internal rewards store where users can exchange them for whatever you decide to incentivize them for: discounts, vouchers, your products, tickets and many others.

This tool lets you control everything to keep the program effective: fraud detection, budgets, limits, statistics, payments, deliveries, data privacy and more. Last but not least, it can work under your domain.

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