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With an online shop generator, you can build a website where people can buy your products. System supports all types of online sales:

  • Single product sale
  • Product configuration
  • A catalog of products (with a search engine)
  • A private shop (requiring registration and your acceptance)

With a simple onboarding process, you can add your domain, logotype, and description that will help you promote your brand. You can sell in minutes, but if you want to, you can make it more complex:

  • Customize product pages
  • Use stocking to control product availability
  • Define simple or advanced shipping methods
  • Use of returns automated system

The shop comes with various payment gateways configuration that will help you to accept any type of payment. Shop without proper marketing and SEO will not work. That’s why:

  • You can build a full SEO description of the products for modern google positioning
  • You can attach marketing platforms like Adwords, Facebook to build compelling campaigns
  • You can build promotional banners, offers, deals, add-ons suggestions

What you can build with it:

Regular E-shop

You can build a dedicated e-shop in 3 or 5 grid mode

Check demo

Single product

Use single product view to highlight specific goods

Check demo

Fashion shop

Demonstrate nice photos in large windows mode.

Check demo

Selling widget

Add ordering widget to your existing website.

Check demo

Designed for:


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Available languages:

Available trainings:

Available for:

Web browser



This software has a multiple ways of configuration

  • Website builder
  • Widget builder
  • Price configurator
  • Combo builder
  • Alergens, Ingredients
  • Quantities / Stock controls
  • Variantios and special marks
  • Manual orders
  • iOS mobile app
  • Android mobile app
  • Geolocation
  • Live delivery tracking
  • Delivery zones
  • Delivery checker
  • Takeaway control
  • Pickup locations
  • QR codes
  • Table orders
  • Working hours
  • Tips
  • Online payments
  • Wire payments
  • Cash payments
  • Card on delivery
  • POS orders
  • Printing vouchers
  • Discount codes
  • Deals planner
  • Loyalty points
  • Newsletter
  • Charity payments
  • Referral program
  • Customer feedback
  • Private shop
  • Privacy GDPR ready
  • more here