Offer your client a system for email marketing

With help of oml, your clients can upload their emails and build smart email marketing campaigns. The system allows for building smart campaigns with use of an email-bot to turn cold leads into warm leads.

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Email platform

Client mailboxes

Your clients can attach their own email mailboxes. This way they can build trust in the eyes of the email recipients

Cold mailing

Add email lists to the platform and discover who is interested in your products or services

E-mail bot

Use an email bot to automate your email communication with clients. Reply with automatic intelligent answers to clients’ questions and forward them!


Add leads to the system and let it make the lead warmer for you. Use the API to integrate it with any sales solution on the market

Fly by wire

The system will automatically build conversations with email recipients. When it’s necessary, it will redirect it to a real person


The system can also work with text messages. When a sale opportunity is discovered, the system can send a text to real people for a fast reaction

Fully maintained

You don't need to worry about maintaining your White Label instance.
We can do almost everything for you.


We will update your WL platform constantly with the latest bugfixes.


You will get all the constant upgrades. We're improving our platforms daily


You will have access to our WL support center by email, phone, chat.

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