Booking marketplace


With this tool you will be able to build a booking marketplace. Inside a booking marketplace clients can search for services they need to find a free time slot they can build. For example if you're looking for a haircut you can find a barber in your location, with a service you like and check book a visit

Booking marketplace allows especially to:

  • Search for best specialists
  • Search for available specialists in selected time and date
  • Book and pay for guaranteed visits

The marketplace can operate in two models:

  • Open: where specialists register, define their offer and join the catalog
  • Closed: where you can invite or add specialists by yourself. This was designed to handle booking inside a specific organisation

The marketplace allows to build different type of bookings depend on your choice:

  • Client come to specialists
  • A specialist come to a client
  • A client and specialist connect via remote video channel

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