How to sell membership

We live in a world where people build their influence over other people. Millions of people have their own micro-community. By creating free content more or less entertaining A lot of influencers started to realize that people will pay for created content.

That’s not only working for influencers but also people with expertise in their specific field like fitness, education, business, health, beauty, and more.

The rise of portals like only fans shows us that all kinds of “professions” can benefit from a membership model.

So what is it all about?

The answer is simple, it’s all about making other people pay you monthly for your unique content or knowledge. 

What’s important to say is it’s not only connected with the online business but can work for the traditional business as well.

Doesn’t matter if you sell access to your training videos or 1-hour weekly personal training in your client location. 

You still want people to pay you regularly. 

Albert Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it; he who doesn't, pays it”

That’s all about membership payments, you build a solid income by adding to a pool more and more people that pay you smaller amounts.

So if you already decided that you want to sell a membership you need a website where people can buy it. 

A website where people can come provide their credit card and start paying you for your services regularly

To do that you can simply use the membership manager tool that you can find on the getreve platform

Activate it and enter the membership platform.

There are different ways of building memberships for your clients:

  • You can add a client and add a membership payment for him, he will receive the link for payment on email 
  • You can build a general website, that anyone can enter and buy a membership

We will focus on the second option. Click product generator inside a billing platform and select “selling page”

First you need to define your membership product name:

Next, decide if you want to take simple or advanced information from your client. If you choose simple way people will have to enter name and email. If you choose advanced form they will have To provide all the information about their address, company, and more

In the next step, you need to choose what type of membership you’re selling. You can sell one-time access to your services, but better think about building a recurring membership Access. So client credit cards will be charged every month until they stop it.

Next you need to decide how often the membership will be renewed:

And that’s it! Your selling website for memberships is ready:

You can copy a website address and use it on your website, or send it directly to client

It’s that easy! But wait what else, how to manage it, how to handle it…. Stoop :) The membership manager gives you all the necessary tools to manage that process, for your and your clients. So what’s happening when someone buys your membership. First, they will receive a receipt:

At the same time, the user will receive an email with a request for account creation. He can click setup a password and get access to the MEMBERS area. In the membership area your client can manage:

  • Generated invoices
  • Billing records
  • Any contracts with you (if you use them)
  • A library of products that can be acquired (yous membership shop) 
  • Profile and credit card detail

Users can cancel membership any time (of course if your membership settings allow you to do that, which is fully customizable). User can not only check his current purchased products but also buy More from your internal shop. The products can be recurring membership options or single services as you see below:

You can also add a dashboard to your members' area to send some information to your members. How does it look from a management perspective? You as an operator get access to your membership management panel:

Here you will have a full overview of what’s happening in your community. You can access:

  • A list of clients
  • Generated invoices
  • Products
  • Payment details

A membership management system will do as much as possible to make your life easier. Automatically charge cards, create invoices, track payments, build client panel. It will also allow you to

Have basic financial communication with your members in form of a dashboard and email newsletter you can send. 

If someone is already your member, you can add new products and the information will be sent to members. 

Start charging people for membership access, with getreve membership manager it’s easy

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