How to build an online call center

For the last 30 years, we see amazing movements in communication methods from telephone calls to instant online chat tools or social media.

Some people say it’s the product of the past. However, it’s not the total truth. Phone calls become more intimate. Whatever you hear, remember that voice transfers emotion, and chit-chat not.

That’s why narrowing phone calling with a specific approach can be a very effective way to reach some business goals like selling or building a closer Intimate relation with clients.

30 years ago to build a call center you will require a special server, software, a broadband internet connection. It was obviously reserved for a larger organization.

Of course, you can pick up the phone and call people by yourself, but in the world of communication calls are one thing, but information and preparation when you talk is something else.

That’s why building an effective call center, no matter if you want to use it for cold calling or inbound marketing promotion requires the right software

You can easily use the telemarketing platform offered by getreve.

First what you need to do is to activate the “telemarketing platform”. By activating the tool you will get access to a CRM where you can build your communication strategy.

Step 1: Select information you want to collect

There is no simple answer to this question. Some businesses want to collect information about the sales approach, some of them build assets lists, collect notes or start a project. Simply go to list settings and choose what modules you would like to activate.

Step 2: Upload a database

There are several strategies for building client databases/leads. Our platform allows to deal with one huge database by the whole team, let them build the database by themselves or serve only

Records assigned to them. The simplest way to upload a list of leads is to import a database from XLS/CSV file

To do that click the import option and upload a file with your database.

It’s important to say that you can configure a list to protect duplications, simply change the settings here. This way if the telephone number or a name will be repeated system will ignore it.

This way you can easily upload many files and the system will filter the records that are not right.

Step 3: Develop templates for your callers

To run a successful call center you need to give some power to your people. When they talk they need to do some things almost instantly. By enabling different modules you can instruct the caller to schedule appointments, followups, remind them about something, and other things like that. This can be done by instructing your people, however, one thing you need to do is to build templates

What type of templates?

We’re talking about emails and text messages that can be sent to clients immediately on the call. Imagine your employee talking to a client and he agrees to receive an offer. You want your employee Click a button and the offer will be sent without much effort. This is effective callings!

To do that go to the templates section and design templates from email and text. For example, you can build an email that has an attached PDF presentation.

Step 4: Invite callers

Now you need to invite your callers. Simply go to the users' section and invite them to the system. They will receive an email with an invitation. When they access the platform they will see your list/database With records of your client base (limited or not depend on your choice as I mentioned before). People can look for the record on the list, they can easily see who was never reached, they can filter records That needs a follow-up and so on.

If you instruct them to call people with a specific target you can filter the database.

If they want to make a call they enter the client card

And click “Call”. The call will be done with help of your computer speakers and microphone with no need of installing anything.

Step 5: Click next

So what if you want to make it easier for callers. You can use a magic button called “next”. With help of this function, the system will find the next client that requires a call, a new one, or an existing one needed attention. This simple thing automates the process so people can make more calls

Step 6: History

Every conversation is recorded, every try is recorded on a client card. So you have full information and a track record of your conversation.

Our telemarketing platform requires us to automate the process of calling and data collection

It requires integration with one of our telecommunication partners like twilio or Vonage.

With help of the getreve telemarketing platform, you can build a very affordable way to reach people by phone, the way that allows you control the process if you hire more than 3 people.

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