Build your revenue with the getreve platform

Getreve develops a platform with tools that help entrepreneurial people build their online presence and revenue. It is a place where people can find everything they need to create a successful business.

The platform allows people to build sales pages like Online shops, Ordering pages, Booking pages, Ticket selling pages, Membership selling pages, and more

Within one platform, entrepreneurs can find 30+ tools that they can use both for sales and business management.

In addition to sales pages generators, there are tools for generating invoices, video chats, online drives, referral programs, CRM, vehicle tracking, email marketing, and more.

These are primarily dedicated to micro, small, and medium businesses.

The platform not only provides tools but also educates future entrepreneurs by providing online courses and live business sessions.

Platform marketplace generators allow people to build a brand new type of business… with zero coding skills.

You can generate your marketplace like Airbnb, Uber, Booksy, or takeaway with the help of a simple wizard.

We believe that we’re all entrepreneurs even if you don’t need an “online shop”.

You can simply monetize your time in a sharing economy ecosystem.

That’s why people can join marketplaces to win new clients. They can build revenue even if they don’t want to use any tools from our library simply by monetizing their time.

Every member of our community can build their marketplace and add it to our library.

Getreve is a platform that can be self-developed by its community, especially through marketplace generators.

Our mission is to build a platform for future entrepreneurs

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